Wednesday, August 15, 2007

a new camera .....Tokyo day 1

i've got a new camera.
i picked up a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FS2 while in tokyo for summersonic.
it takes amazing pictures and it feels good to have a camera on tour again.

we had one half day off in tokyo so i met up with most of the crew and headed out early.
unfortunatley, nothing really opens in tokyo until 11 a.m
i did manage to get the new camera in the electrical town part of tokyo which i cant spell off hand.
2 hours of electrical flea markets later 2 of us had new cameras and the others had a vast array of cables etc.
we then took the Ginza Line to Shibuya to do a bit of shopping.

we were all pretty hungry,so i took the guys to one of these curry spots that seem to have poped up all over japan in the last few's a bit of a life saver for the veggie in japan. as usual with interpol we had no interpreter and no one from the label taking us out for dinner.hence curry in japan for ally!

the food hit the spot and made me laugh my legs off when i saw this add in the scottish eateree next door.

the other white Mc meat?

with full tummies and cash in our pockets we headed to a place that has been the downfall of us many times before.........

Ah, where else in the world can you find shopping bags styled in and acid flashback/teletubbies style like these?

or a travel alarm clock made to look like a bomb?

a place where you can see the locals perspective on different cultures.....

and again.........

a magical place where adults can freely buy models like this in one aisle......

and pick up naked baby toys in the next.

Tokyu Hands is expertly mental!

we had a lobby call at to go out to the festival site for our production meeting.
every other band did this in the hotel the day they arrived.
the festival site was about an hour away from our hotel.
there was no transportaition to the site so we had to take 3 taxis costing well over a $100 each!
this is interpol, so we had to do things the hard way.....
here's some of the crew arriving at the venue

Oh Aye(eye)!

as per usual, everyone at the meeting was great and we had no problems.
i took this photo after we were done.
3 minutes after it started.
i kid you not.

we got to see that the stage was still being set up.
it was 23 hours before we were due to play

an amazing waste of time and money......well done

me and lucas then headed back into Shibuya after we got back from the meeting.
a good friend was in town for the festival with a great band.
they were doing a club show at quattero.

here is a token shot of Shibuya at night

seeing the Jr. in a tiny club was amazing.
i can't believe i almost didn't go because i was jet-lagged........
thanks Lucas.
this was the loudest show i'd seen in ages.
J had 3 full stacks behind him and a twin right in his ear.
i watched out front and my eyeballs were moving due to the volume.
here are some shots of the show.

here is a shot of my man D.S clearly visable onstage taking a photo of lew barlows balls.....

after the show i got a chance to hang with D.S
it's funny when you spend more time with a friend who lives in the same town as you, when you are in different countries than you do when you are at home.
in our deffence we are never really in town at the same time.

D.S is a champ.!

after chatting for a while it was time to get the train back to our hotel....amazingly near nothing.....and get some broken sleep

and so ended day 1 in tokyo

Sunday, July 15, 2007

what the hellllllll.........

transformers is shit
worst movie of the year by a country mile.
how can you make something that was so cool into a pile of crap.
and whats with all hollywood movies being 2 hours or longer right now?.
i want the time back please.
rubbish robots
rubbish acting
no plot.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

nothing happens in the new harry potter film.
at all.
it's not bad, the sets look great, but, come on......
2 and a bit hours with no excitement......booooooo

i hope transformers is better, but i'm not holding my breath.
robots are better than wizards going through puberty however.........

the specky dude needs to get laid!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

is there anything better than not doing anything after three and a half weeks of planes and rank busses?.
i really, really don't think so.
i've done a little work for the forthcoming tour but nothing at all like real work.
i also listened to l.p's all day.
the new aphex twin record rules!
it's under the name "the tuss" and came out last week on warp.
mental and brilliant.
i got the new beastie boys record along with the new patton oswald album on i tunes.....

both are really good.

i sound like my brother.

i'm just glad to be in my own house and driving around my badass town in my own car.
it's blue skies, in the 70's and sunny.
i heard a surf report in the news at 7.30 a.m this morning and i smiled like i was on acid an 16 again.
.....and i'm not in a field of mud in the middle of nowhere, germany

home again:
for one week only
but, i'm finally back.
i can safely say that was the brownest european tour i've done this year.

heres why:

the bus was older than i was.
it was bannana/lemon yellow.
it had the toilet from trainspotting in it.
delayed luggage and the H not getting his at all.
tripple drivers to make the drives.
rain and mud at every festival we went to this year.
everyone getting the flu due to the extreme heat of the bus to exteme damp and wet/cold festivals.
19 hour days for no reason........
repeatedly flying through london heathrow while on terror alert "masonic".
.........on B.A.
landing in new york at 3.30pm on moday to find all your cargo gear has not made it into the country and your are doing letterman then next day( album release date).
scramble scramble scramble
hire guitars and buy pedals kind of like the ones they use but nothing like them at the same time and make it happen only to be delayed on my flight home due to fog at july

ah well...

i got home and thats the main thing....
my pal jason at goldenvoice got me into flight of the conchords at the el rey last night, so i can say that my luck is now changing for the better now i'm home....

need to get milk now so i can have a cup of tea.........

Monday, June 18, 2007

Oh Aye!
my camera broke yesterday.
thats shite.
i have got the worst sunburn i've ever had.
i went the beach for 2 hours today.
it was 70 degees!
both my legs are burnt to hell.
good job i don 't have 2 international flights tomorrow.....

the can't wait for the 12 hour flight to london tomorrow...
followed by flight to the fatherland....
cap.t lucian sancez
brown angel.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

A Romantic Evening With T.S!

i met up with T.S on thursday night.
we had a few beers at the good microbrew a few blocks downhill from my house.
it was a wonderfully warm and bright day, so we decided to sit indoors and get drunk!
halfway through the night our friend Tim and his pal Roger arrived and we kept going.....
lily arrived in time for a drink or two, but she kept telling me off for being too loud.

here is some photos of our delicious evening.
the menu:
side one.....

side's all double dutch to me....

T.S decides to go for a draft HEMP ale to start.....what a surprise....

while i go for the very english old speckled hen.........

followed Quickley by and Alba........oh aye!

we both then went for the canadian maudite beer because the bottle looks like roger dean designed it.
it's got a laughing devil and a flying viking longboat on could it not taste good.

we were starting to wonder why the staff were laughing at us....
then we saw how strong the beer was

i then found the next level in booze......

never mix T.S with belzebuth!

how strong?

it tastes like a corona with vodka in it....

about this time i began seeing devils everywhere...

so a finnished the night off with a few of these.
please note the daylight in all the pics.


Tuesday, June 12, 2007

i'm lazy sorry.
it's been a while.
work has been crazy!

here is a brief look at what i've been upto since i last posted.

i went to see the team i play soccer for play in the final game of the season.
check out easy eric morgan!

i'm still trying to eat this bar of 100% cocoa dark chacolate i bought in amsterdam weeks ago...
it's massive and one nibble will keep you up for longer than a week....

i met this dude on the phone in this picture
a real brown angel!

i played a show at the gorge in washinton state.
it's a great place to play when the weather looks like this

while at the gorge, i finally saw the bad brains.
unfortunately, they are going through the motions.
still a great band though...

ehat a view eh?


my friend Jim in Chicago made me this big muff style distortion pedal.
it will blow amps ....
i have been warned.
it is the best distortion i've ever owned
all 100% hand made by the man himself

i was contacted by the mentallist chris rage
i'm glad i've got his new phone no.
it's been too long since i've seen him.

lily and i took lucas to sushi downtown
look at what he did...
you can't take that guy anywhere....

as usual,i've been skating with the other half of the sexual warriors skate team
here's the main man getting a soda at griffith park after a particularly "rad sesh"....


i spent 10 days on a shitty bus too.

and finally, today i went from this:

to this:

thats a baldy!